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Komorebi Interior Design Singapore
In Harmony With Nature

In Harmony With Nature

A 124sqm 3-bedder at Tampines Street 33 completed in 2023

Photo by Khoo Guo Jie, Progress Photo & Text by Komorebi

Our design concept for this project revolves around the idea of 'Circulation,' embodying the seamless flow of communication among family members within an open and connected space. Inspired by the stunning green scenery visible through the living room windows, we aimed to bring the scene into the house and enjoy like an art piece.

Our main goal was to create a flexible environment that caters to the client's desire for a long-term space capable of accommodating a growing family. To foster a strong sense of family connection, we decided to open up the Living, Dining, Kitchen, and Study areas, linking them together so that family members can constantly feel each other's presence. The incorporation of a 'loop' around the Study provides an opportunity for joyful moments as children have a safe space to run around and play. Moreover, the spatial planning allows for flexibility in rearranging furniture and creating more space when needed. For instance, the study desks can be placed adjacent to the wall to comfortably accommodate more people. While the original number of rooms remains, they have been resized to accommodate the overall design.

To maintain a harmonious atmosphere and allow the green scenery to take center stage, we opted for subtle-toned, natural-looking finishes for our choice of materials. Treating the room doors, store room cabinet doors, and the TV console cabinet with spray painting or paint that matches the wall color ensures these elements blend discreetly into the surroundings. The use of low furniture and strategic positioning of built-in elements to the sides contribute to an unobstructed view of the scenery. Over time, this neutral palette grants the client the freedom to personalize their space and give the home its own character.

Enhancing the ambience, we meticulously planned the placement of cove lighting, floor, or table lamps throughout the house. For areas requiring brighter illumination, such as the kitchen worktop and study desk, we provided ample direct lighting. In the Master Bedroom, the cove light above the wardrobe serves as a gentle night light, ideal for families with young children, promoting a soothing and comforting atmosphere.

To make the most of the available space, we positioned the Study and TV area on the same wall but on different sides, achieving dual-purpose functionality. Instead of a traditional store room, we created deep storages that eliminate wasted walking space, ensuring easy access. Furthermore, the intentionally kept empty internal storages allow the client to customize them according to their specific needs, promoting practicality and versatility.

Through our 'Circulation' concept, this project beautifully integrates nature's allure with family connections. The seamless flow of spaces enables constant interaction, nurturing a strong sense of togetherness. Subtle finishes and strategic lighting contribute to the serene ambiance, while a practical layout ensures an organized and versatile home for future growth.

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