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Komorebi Interior Design Singapore
Timeless Simplicity

Photo by Khoo Guo Jie, Progress Photo & Text by Komorebi

The interior design concept of this project was meticulously crafted to reflect the keywords "quiet" and "pure", which were identified through thorough discussions with the homeowners about their preferences and lifestyles. The aim was to create a serene and minimalist aesthetic that aligns with the homeowners' vision of their house as their forever home. Additionally, the needs of their beloved feline companion were taken into consideration, with cat-friendly features incorporated into the design, such as closer gaps for grilles and metal gate.

One of the initial challenges we faced was the layout of the house, which was long and had half-height windows along the shorter sides, resulting in limited natural light reaching the middle part of the house and creating a sense of darkness. The low ceiling height further exacerbated the issue, making the space feel cramped and claustrophobic. Moreover, the previous segmentation of the space with walls obstructed natural light and airflow, further diminishing the overall ambience.

To overcome these challenges, we first identified the darkest and brightest parts of the house. The darkest middle section was transformed into a home theatre space, taking advantage of the enclosed location for optimal surround sound system performance. The home theatre space was equipped with a surround sound system and an ultra-short throw projector and screen. To address ventilation and overheating concerns, ventilation fans and mesh screens were incorporated into the design.

The two rooms with the brightest natural light and unobstructed views of the lush greenery outside were designated as study rooms for the homeowners, who needed dedicated spaces for their work and hobbies. A cat entry was created in the middle of these study rooms to allow their feline friend to move around freely, providing a convenient passage for the cat to roam or rest within the enclosed space.

When not in use, the glass sliding panels can be opened up to two-thirds, allowing natural light to enter and expanding the space for shared activities in the living and kitchen areas, fostering a sense of togetherness and connection among the homeowners and their guests.

The island serves as the heart of the home, designed to be the main focal point upon entering the space, where shared activities such as food preparation, baking, eating, and hosting can be enjoyed while eliminating the need for a separate dining table and maintaining a seamless flow throughout the space. The suspended part of the table is designed to provide comfortable leg space when sitting around the island.

Nature-inspired materials, such as light-toned stone and wood with mild textures, were selected to create a soft and cozy environment. Vertical lines and black accents were incorporated to draw the eye upwards, adding a sense of weight to balance out the lightness of the space. Bulky cabinets were positioned in the corners and ends to avoid blocking natural light from entering the space and to prevent it from feeling cramped.

Through strategically removing walls and reconfiguring the layout, we created clean lines that visually elongate the rectangular structure of the house, improve air circulation, and create a smoother and more efficient walking flow without unnecessary corners. The demarcation of areas was precisely defined to maximize the functionality of each space, ensuring that every square area of the house was carefully considered and optimized for the homeowners' needs and preferences.

A 114sqm 3-bedder at Bishan Street 23, completed in 2022

Timeless Simplicity

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