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Komorebi Interior Design Singapore


A 117sqm 3-bedder at Clementi Ave 2, proposed in 2021

Render & Text by Komorebi

This young couple's home emanates a heartfelt affinity for a warm and inviting atmosphere, amplified by their love for natural elements such as wood and stone.

At the heart of the design lies a seamlessly integrated, expansive space that encompasses the kitchen, dining, and living areas. This thoughtful layout fosters a strong sense of connection among family members and guests, providing an ideal setting for the wife's enjoyment of culinary endeavors and the husband's moments of relaxation by his cherished fish tank.

Wood takes center stage, imparting its innate warmth and distinctive character through meticulously crafted carpentry and wall paneling. To complement this, cool stone flooring finishes were thoughtfully chosen.

Positioned near the windows, a dedicated planter box bathes the plants in abundant sunlight, creating a lively link to the outdoors. Adjacent to it, the fish tank finds its perfect niche, infusing the space with a tranquil and captivating presence.

The result is a sanctuary of comfort and togetherness, where every nook and cranny of this home reflects the couple's unique sense of warmth and style.

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