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Komorebi Interior Design Singapore

Render & Text by Komorebi

The project centered on refining a compact apartment tailored to suit the lifestyle of a young couple. Inspired by the client's penchant for curves, clean lines, and the allure of fluted glass, the design emphasized a sense of spatial openness over excessive storage.

In pursuit of an inviting and captivating atmosphere, deliberate use of curves and arches softened the space, evoking a sense of intrigue. A cleverly curved wall discreetly concealed the distribution board box, while mirrored cabinetry artfully camouflaged essential utilities.

A pivotal aspect was the strategic division of the foyer area to simultaneously provide functional storage for shoes, books, and vinyl records, while preserving an unblemished living space. This designated area became a haven for relaxation, accommodating activities like reading and TV enjoyment against a backdrop of immaculate white walls.

Balancing the design, a palette of crisp white walls harmonized with the cool, sleek textures of stainless steel and stone flooring. This tactful counterbalance ensured a seamless fusion of elements, preventing any single aspect from dominating the space.

The end result is a living environment that emanates a refreshing, uncluttered ambiance. By prioritizing space and executing thoughtful design choices, the project struck an artful equilibrium between form and function. Each element was carefully curated to not only meet practical needs but also to resonate with the couple's emotional connection to their home.

A 65sqm 2-bedder at Skyterrace @ Dawson Road, proposed in 2021


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