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Komorebi Interior Design Singapore
The Infinity Cove

Photo by Memena Lee, Progress Photo & Text by Komorebi

To accentuate the high ceiling, a small curve is added between the wall and the ceiling, creating the impression of an extension to infinity. Cove lighting further attracts your attention to this detail in a subtle manner, as the environment remains all white. Vertical clean lines continue to pull your eye view upwards, relieving your senses from unnecessary obstruction.

To enjoy a good hosting space, a large dining table, a cozy lounge area and an open kitchen is combined for interaction between those who prefer to move around and those who prefer to chill in the same space.

The bedroom is tucked all the way in, with a glass divider to allow the option of feeling the extension of space into the living, or while the blinds are down - a private room. The wardrobe, dresser and bookshelves fill the wall from end to end, hiding its practical depth.

A 68sqm 2-bedder at Macpherson Spring @ Circuit Road, completed in 2021

The Infinity Cove

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