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Striking A Balance

Striking A Balance

A 90sqm 3-bedder at Compassvale Drive, completed in 2019

Photo by Memena Lee, Progress Photo by Komorebi, Text by Ong Miaw Hui

While this project is largely characterised by a refined and restrained aesthetic, it is also important that a sense of unexpected boldness was added to the muted palette to inject a touch of personality. Maintaining an airy atmosphere in this dwelling is also top priority in order to open up the space but simultaneously, there was a desire to convey lightness while keeping things grounded. The challenge, indeed, was all about striking a balance.

An elongated space greets you as you first enter this 90sqm HDB flat. The overall look is pared-down. Curves and straight lines are both incorporated to carefully balance the design sense, breaking the rigidity and adding softness. To add interest without distraction, the walls are painted in dual tones but in muted shades.

A large rectangular dining table sits comfortably in the middle of the hall which doubles as a dining area, perpetuating the feeling of continuity in that space through the streamlined aesthetic. Cabinetry lines the shorter perimeter of the living room. The pop of blue that appears as an accent on the cabinetry serves as the only moment that briefly interrupts the quiet scheme.

The entrance to the master bedroom is located in the hall. To effectively utilise the bedroom space, a considerable section of it was designated as the wardrobe area with its elaborate carpentry. A curved partition was constructed to separate the bed from the wardrobe. The result is a cosy spot tucked in the corner as a comfortable place for rejuvenation.

To the left of the living space, situated beside the working area, lies what seems like a hidden enclave. A false ceiling with a curvature was built as a subtle demarcation to separate the other bedrooms from the hall.

Adopting the same linear design as the living room, the kitchen is flanked by open shelves and cabinetry on both sides of the wall. More conspicuous usage of the blue tone is used along with a stone texture kitchen counter top.

The stone texture is a repeated element on the floor tiles that are used throughout the apartment. This extends to the master bedroom toilet, bringing together the sense of uniformity in the entire apartment.

In Maybelle's words:

"It has been an enjoyable journey being a client of Komorebi. Emily and Jacob are easy to build rapport with at first meeting. They understood what we wanted even though we were not great at being specific. They were upfront about timelines and budget, with no hard-selling or upselling tactics. When we had any issues or queries with the renovation, it was easy to discuss and clarify. Their work ethic is exemplary. They are always keen to deliver their best and assist in any way they can. I would recommend Komorebi to anyone who wants a pleasant renovation experience."

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