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Komorebi Interior Design Singapore
Embracing The View

Photo & Video by Memena Lee, Progress Photo by Komorebi, Text by Ong Miaw Hui

Swathed in a palette of grey marble and dark wood and accentuated with touches of black and stainless steel, the interior of this 3-bedder apartment is imbued with understated elegance. The combination of the good amount of light that floods in and the heavier colours used for the cabinetry strikes the right balance between light and dark in the atmosphere.

The flat owners are fortunate enough to live in a space that allows them to enjoy a bird’s eye view of their surroundings in Ang Mo Kio. Bearing in mind to maximise that advantage, low-height cabinetry was built to ensure that the beautiful view remains unblocked. Spaced apart groove lines decorate the cabinetry, designed using the language of minimal sophistication and detailed simplicity.

A bar counter featuring a classy marble top finishing demarcates the kitchen from the rest of the dining and living area. The bedroom situated beside the hall had its walls partially hacked and replaced with black tinted glass to segregate it as a working space. In the sleeping quarter, the same colour palette is perpetuated for a uniform look.

Overall, the intention behind this design is to keep the vibe optimistic but at the same time, evoke a sense of calm and stability for the occupants of this apartment.

A 93sqm 3-bedder at Cheng San Court @ Ang Mo Kio St 51, completed in 2019

Embracing The View

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