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Komorebi Interior Design Singapore


A 68sqm 2-bedder at Punggol Bayview @ Sumang Walk, completed in 2018

Progress Photo by Komorebi


In Glo's words:

"We were really impressed when we looked at Komorebi's past work, but we thought that it would be impossible, even for them, to achieve the same level of design within our budget.

But thankfully, they managed to work their magic despite all the obstacles that we presented to them, and we're overjoyed with the final result.

I think what's most worth mentioning is their insistence on quality. Even with our low-ish budget, they would not resort to using 'cheap' materials just to hit the numbers and make us happy. And because of that, we can be sure that we're not going to regret any decisions about our home in the future."

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