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Komorebi Interior Design Singapore
Comfort In Simplicity

Photo by Memena Lee, Progress Photo by Komorebi, Text by Ong Miaw Hui

Nothing over the top – the design for this 4-room resale HDB unit has to achieve just that. It is important for the client the minute they enter the house, that they should be greeted with a feeling that is familiar and comforting. No detail in the space should ever too fussy. The challenge was to keep the design simple but steering it far away from the spectrum of being uninteresting.

The colour palette is pared down to set the tone for a style that is easy to the eye. Keeping to the usage of raw plywood, black accents and white walls, the vibe of the home is friendly and inviting coupled with the Muji furniture.

What first comes into view as one enters the home is the dining area – a gathering space for friends and family. That brings to life the client’s wish to experience a welcoming atmosphere upon entry. Beyond the dining area is the living space which enjoys good lighting and ventilation as the unit is unblocked by other buildings.

However, beyond the living area, not the same could be said. The walkway leading to the bedrooms was dark so the bedroom nearest to the living area was hacked to let light flood through. The walkway is instantly illuminated. Wired glass is put in place to keep the space partitioned. Raw plywood frames the wired glass, adding interest to the aesthetic. Blinds were also installed in the room as the room is occasionally converted to a guest room apart from being the study.

In the kitchen, the mixture of exposed raw wood and neutral-coloured honeycomb tiles makes for a soothing combination that blends in effortlessly with the rest of the home.

The common bathroom was washed in a splash of grey in cement screed.

A 93sqm 3-bedder at Coralinus @ Punggol Central, completed in 2017

Comfort In Simplicity

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