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Komorebi Interior Design Singapore
One For The Family

Photo by Memena Lee, Progress Photo by Komorebi, Text by Ong Miaw Hui

There were a few requirements from this client who revealed his appreciation for natural materials and layered styles. He wanted his home to feel like a resort and with a family of five, storage space was of utmost importance.

Instead of going all out on a resort design concept, the proposal was a resort-inspired contemporary home. The executive condominium unit is on the first floor. Hence, it is blessed with greenery all around and it only seem natural to adopt a resort-esque sense of style. Outdoor rattan furniture was selected for the dining space and living area to further emphasise on the resort vibe.

To fulfill the client’s liking for natural materials, a stone wall feature was created. It occupies the entire length of the long foyer and stretches to the living area, as if leading one to the main hosting space. This large-scale installation is softened by ambient lighting that gently shines down from an external layer which frames the stone wall. Curves are also integrated into the design to bestow a sense of softness. 

Fitting the dining and sofa set together in the living area was tricky due to space constraint. For the sake of comfort, the dining set was shifted out to the large balcony to take advantage of the vastness of the area.

Other than stone, wood grains are also incorporated. These materials are juxtaposed against white laminate to lighten up the harshness of wood and stone. The study room was where the storage cabinets are extensively built to cater to the needs of the family. A retractable table that is included in the carpentry allows for flexibility in the utilizing of the room. When pushed in, more floor space is created for the children to play.

Distinctive curve detailing and ambient lighting in the master bedroom are reminiscent of the living area, keeping the consistency. However, the curves are dramatized in the bedroom to create a cosy cocooned space to have a good night’s rest in.

A 106sqm 4-bedder at The Brownstone @ Canberra Drive, completed in 2018

One For The Family

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