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Komorebi Interior Design Singapore
An Appreciation Of Space

Photo by Memena Lee, Progress Photo & Text by Komorebi, Handpainted Artwork by Chen Jinqi

The combination of white walls, textured effect wall, light wood and tinted black glass provides a bright and soothing abode for the family to spend their time.


Upon entering the space, a huge storage cabinet replaced the original distribution board cabinet to utilise the length of the foyer. Flushing between the walls, the bulkiness is reduced but functionally useful from smaller items like shoes to bigger items such as a folded baby pram. 


A low platform was built diagonally, leading one to the main interaction space. A huge rug and floor chairs sufficiently envelope the family and guests to freely sit around and engage with each other.


The main bedroom and second bedroom were combined to house the bed, baby cot and walk-in wardrobe comfortably. The concealed linear lighting at the bedhead and in the walk-in wardrobe illuminates and stretches the space, doubled by the reflection in the framed tinted glass and clear mirror.


Keeping the kitchen closed with a tinted sliding door, the entrance was reallocated to hide the fridge, yet having a sleek kitchen unit that houses the essentials. A tinted glass panel was also added to borrow light to the foyer from the kitchen.

A 93sqm 3-bedder at Compassvale Cape @ Compassvale Crescent, completed in 2017

An Appreciation Of Space

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