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Bringing about peace of mind through each space that respects the interaction between people, nature, and objects in order to realize harmony.
"Komorebi 木漏れ日"

Is an irreplaceable Japanese phrase for sunlight filtering through trees.

The beauty in "Komorebi" is that it exists covertly, yet when you notice it, you bathe yourself in its presence.

Our Values

1. Understanding your intentions​

2. Approaching through unconventional perspectives

3. Advising truthfully on feasibility

4. Consolidating solutions with our Design Principles

5. Executing the design vision through our Process

In this fast-paced urban world, stay mindful to slow down, keep things simple, buy less, buy well & cherish.
Our Design Principles

1. Air, Space & Flow​

2. Light & Shadow

3. Material & Texture

4. Atmosphere & Vibe

An amalgamation of our appreciation to the philosophies of minimalism and the psychology of human behaviour.
Our Design Process


1. Feasibility

2. Design Discovery


3. Design Development

4. Construction Documentation

5. Sourcing & Procurement


6. Site Administration

7. Interior Renovation

8. Styling & Handover

Our comprehensive approach adopting technology facilitates clearer communication, allowing for a smoother journey.
Our Merits
2018 A' Design Award - Bronze
Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category
2018 A' Design Award - Iron
Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category
Our Testimonials
Dilys Jiang

21 January 2020



The first session we had with them made us feel so comfortable and safe, and we just didn’t feel the same way with the other (many) IDs we met.

Jacob and Emily really took time to get to know us, our living habits and our personalities. While we were not able to properly articulate our likes and dislikes, Jacob and Emily took different approaches to help us navigate our way through the many options available. 

They took complete ownership of the project, and worked with pride. We felt safe knowing our house was in the hands of people with an eye for detail. Even at the handover session, they spotted small (but significant) flaws that we didn’t. They were ever ready to answer our questions with regards to styling (even the colors of our electrical appliances). They were also very transparent with the costs, and there were no hidden costs added along the way. 

All in all we are really thankful to have met such hardworking and honest IDs, having heard plenty of horror stories about this industry from friends.

Mark Chin

31 August 2019



Like most new house owners, we are excited n thrilled at the thoughts of moving to a new house. We wanted to give our three growing children room and space, not compromising the aesthetic look and comfort of a home.   We start to explore for ideas on the theme for our new home by doing research online and speaking to interior designers. We visited designers house with raving reviews online and normally the first question after they asked when do we need to move in, is, “how much is your budget?” Much to my disappointment, all the so-called designers are doing their job more like my retired uncle who was a renovation contractor than some profession who do interior designing.


Then come, Jacob and Emily from Komorebi, they were recommended by a friend who was very satisfied with their professionalism. We met them and during the first meeting, the first question wasn’t “How much is your budget?” Instead they merely talked to me n my wife, understanding our likes and dislikes, what’s our favorite colors, showed us many different themes of well decorated houses and asked our opinions. And that’s end of first meeting! No budget was asked!


During second meeting, Jacob, the chief designer, showed us more pictures to choose from and told us his analysis on what will work best for us. And only when we were satisfied with his recommendation then Emily asked us what is our budget for the renovation.

In third meeting, Jacob showed us first draft of his design. Very well thought and nicely done, but he sensed that I (a regular super ngeow Singaporean who wants a star when given a moon) wasn’t all too satisfied with the first proposal, he came out a second design within a month. Again, it was refreshing and not the usual template design which the “so-called” designers can produce. We were satisfied with the design and discussing on the work and contract. Few weeks later, Emily contacted us and told us that Jacob did some tweaks on the agreed design. When they presented the final design on the fourth meeting, we were being blown away. It was not a few minor tweaks, it was a totally revamped design and even I had nothing to pick on! We showed the design to our kids and they were as thrilled as us.

Jacob and Emily then did vast research on the types of furnitures and fittings and accompanied us to do shopping. We would not buy anything without their approval as we do not want to destroy the perfect house we intended to do. 

During the renovation process, I did a visit on the work site, the walls and floor were covered by high quality foams for best protection. I then spoke to electrican who was running the cables. I saw the cable covers and asked him why do he need to use such high quality products since those covers will be hidden by the false ceiling. He replied it was because Jacob and Emily had high expectations on the work quality and they want nothing but the best quality products for the durability and safety. I saw signs and posters in my houses to warn the workers not to smoke nor use our toilets and when I asked the workers, again they mentioned that it is the policy of their company to protect the best interest of the house owner. I left my house happy and assured that I knew my house was in good hands of Jacob and Emily. 

On the completion day, me n my wife visited our house, we were acting like excited kids, exploring and admiring the fine handiworks. Visits from friends always leave with huge admirations and full of praises. 

We had moved in for 15 months already and till now, we still thank God for sending us the right people to us. Jacob and Emily take huge pride in their work. They will not cover up even a slight flaw in hope that we don’t see, they will rectify even we didn’t realize. That’s professionalism and respect in their masterpiece. They are artists in their work and it is what I always tell people. I asked Jacob and Emily why dont they reuse their satisfied projects’ design. Their reply is “Every house owners has their preferences and they deserve a place call home after a long day at work.” Respect.

Glo Tan

16 August 2019



We were really impressed when we looked at Komorebi's past work, but thought that it would be impossible, even for them, to achieve the same level of design with our budget.

But thankfully they managed to work their magic with all the obstacles that we presented to them, and we're overjoyed with the final result.

I think what's most worth mentioning is their insistence on quality. Even with our low-ish budget, they would not resort to using 'cheap' stuff just to hit the numbers and make us happy. And because of that, we can be sure that we're not going to be regretting decisions about our home in the future.

Iris Tan

19 June 2019



It was a joy working with Emily & Jacob to design our dream nest. They are patient, thoughtful and on point with our brief. Now we have a cosy home for our little family, all thanks to them. :)

Maybelle Li

19 October 2019

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It had been an enjoyable journey being a client of Komorebi. Emily and Jacob are easy to build rapport with at first meet. They understood what we wanted even though we were not great at being specific. They were upfront about timelines and budget, no hard-selling or upselling tactics. When we had any issues or queries with the renovation, it was easy to discuss and clarify. Their work ethic is exemplary. They are always keen to deliver their best and assist in anyway they can. I would recommend Komorebi to anyone who wants a pleasant renovation experience.

Ong Miaw Hui

26 August 2019



My husband and I have very high expectations for the renovation of our home and there were many things we did not want to compromise on. I got to say we are very lucky to have achieved just what we wanted for the design and functionality of our home all thanks to Komorebi!

The professionalism of Komorebi is incredible. We have gone to a few interior designers before engaging them and frankly, we were just blown away by this team’s presentation for the proposal. So much detailed work just for the initial proposal! It’s evident they definitely put their heart and soul into it.

Throughout the process of renovation, they were thoughtful and we were regularly updated about the progress of our home. We were also provided with a timeline so we always knew what was going on with the renovation. They have definitely exceeded our expectations with the speed of completion as our home was ready even before the mentioned date!


We are extremely satisfied with the end result and especially with the wonderful quality of materials used to craft our built-in cabinets.


We could definitely see where our money went to! All well-spent, that’s for sure. 


Thank you so much Komorebi!

John Lee

19 June 2019



TL;DR version-- if u are happy with their design, just leave the whole thing to them. You will be very satisfied with their work when you see your house again.

Jacob and Emily are a wonderful pair. They are very professional and their work ethics are top notch. After meeting up with several interior designers and renovation companies, wife and I decided to engage them to design and renovate our bto flat.

Although the initial stage of designing took some time, but the quality is worth it. Jacob ensure that he has ample time to produce the best design based on our budget and preferences.

The paper work for the renovation was also very well taken care of. Emily is very thorough and meticulous. They list every items that are charged, and it gave us a peace of mind that there are no hidden charges.

They also took time to shop with us to cover the other items from water tap to lighting, curtains to electrical appliances. Giving us precious suggestions and the rationale of why each of those items are selected.

There are so many things to list, and what I had mentioned above is not my full experience.

Home owners do not have to worry about defects, they will spot most of it earlier and prepare the rectification method before informing you.

Truly a fantastic experience.

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